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ALERRT Level II Wound Kit

SKU: WW3-A02  
Commercial Price: $10,014.00
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Product Description

Level II Wound Kit is the official wound kit for teaching the ALERRT Level I curriculum.
Kit includes:
1- WW3-001- Thigh Laceration
1- WW3-005- Evisciration
1- WW3-008- Compound Fracture
1- WW3-010- GSW to Leg
1- WW3-051- Partial Arm Amputation (right arm)
1- WW3-055- GSW to Groin 1- WW3-071- Full Arm Amputation
1- WW3-072- Full Leg Amputation
1- WW3-908- Gunshot Wound Bicep
9- Manual Blood Pumps
25- 4.4 oz Blood Powder Concentrate
1- Hard Carrying Case
Category:Training Kits