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SKU: TC3-ACP-500Z  
Commercial Price: $186,102.67
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Purchase of some medical devices require users to have the supervision of a medical practitioner, these devices may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only".
Ensuring medical supervision and/or authorization is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
Product Description
This kit is designed to give any training facility the equipment and supplies needed to run a TCCC-AC using the official NAEMT TCCC-AC Equipment List. The kit is packaged in modules to make the equipment easy to move, set up and store.

Purchase the complete kit or just the modules you need to add to your current training. To learn about more options or to purchase individual modules email our sales team by clicking here

With our system you can get the following modules:

Module 1
20 x Combat Application Tourniquet
20 x Emergency Trauma Dressing
20 x S-Rolled Gauze
20 x Z-Fold Combat Gauze Trainer
1 x Junctional Emergency TQ
5 x Nasopharyngeal Airway with Lubricant
1 x Cyclone Pocket BVM
2 x Tactical Crickit
10 x HyFin twin pack trainers
5 x ARS Needle Decompression(3.25in)
20 x NAR Saline Lock Kit
5 x NAR Sharps Shuttle
1 x NAR Hypothermia Prevention and and Management Kit (HPMK)
5 x Triangle Bandage
5 x SAM Splint II
5 x Polycarbonate Eye Shield (PES)
1 x Hard Storage Case L 30.75 in. x W 20.5 in. x D 11.6 in.

Module 2
1 x Hard Storage Case L 30.75 in. x W 20.5 in. x D 11.6 in.
20 x Student TCCC IFAKS
Each IFAK contains the following:
        1 x C-A-T® Tourniquet, Trainer
        1 x NAR 6 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing
        1 x NAR S-Rolled Gauze
        1 x Combat Gauze Trainer
        1 x HyFin® Twin Pack Dressing, Trainer
        1 x Nasopharyngeal Airway, 28f
        1 x ARS®, Needle Decompression Kit, 14 ga.
        1 x Polycarbonate Eye Shield
        1 x Permanent Marker
        1 x Combat Casualty Card
        2 x pair Bear Claw™ Gloves, Large
        1 x 2 in. Surgical Tape

Module 3
1 x Hard Storage Case L 30.75 in. x W 20.5 in. x D 11.6 in.
1 x Talon II® 90C Collapsible Handle Litter
1 x EEL, Emergency Evacuation Litter- BLK
1 x TED, Tactical Extraction Device- BLK
1 x Hasty Harness - Blk
1 x RAT Strap, Rescue Assault Tether
1 x Dragon Handle System
1 x Shield Carabiner
1 x Foxtrot Litter

Module 4
1 x GSW in a Box
1 x Laceration in a Box
1 x Shrapnel Wound in a Box
1 x B-CON Trainer
1 x Nose in a Box
2 x FEBSS Hydrasim Multi-Port Black
4 x Stainless Blood Powder
1 x Hard Storage Case L 34 in. x W 22 in. x D 13.5 in.

Module 5
2 x FEBSS Hydrasim Multi-Port Black
1 x WW3-001 Thigh Laceration
1 x WW3-002 GSW Through Hand (Right)
1 x WW3-003 Impaled Object
1 x WW3-004 Severe Burn Forearm (Right)
1 x WW3-005 Evisceration
1 x WW3-006 Broken Jaw w/ Laceration
1 x WW3-007 Open Wound - Scalp
1 x WW3-008 Compound Fracture - Arm
1 x WW3-009 Avulsion to Calf
1 x WW3-010 GSW to Leg
1 x WW3-052 Partial Leg Amputation
1 x WW3-909 Gunshot Wound Clavicle (Right)
2 x Stainless Blood Powder
8 x Manual Blood Bag and Pump 1 x Hard Storage Case L 34 in. x W 22 in. x D 13.5 in.

Module 6
20 x Plate Carrier
20 x 5.75 LB Training Plates(pair)
3 x M-16 A2 Training Rifle
10 x M9 Training Pistol
2 x Mossberg 590A1 Training Shotgun
1 x 22 Double Action Blank Pistol
400 x .22 Caliber Long Blanks

Module 7
1 x GSW TOM Manikin
1 x Basic TOM Manikin
2 x Pt Monitoring Suite

Module 8
1 x Non-Pyrotechnic IED Simulator
1 x Rugged Speaker
1 x Smoke Machine
All of the these devices run using the ITTS Remote. The ITTS Remote can control your TOM Manikins and your special effects.